Communication is key to the success of any IT delivery. Many IT teams engage with the business unit’s during the pre-implementation phase while gathering requirements and designing the solution and then would disappear for a period of time during the implementation phase… Regular dialogue among executive management, project managers, and end users have always contributed to success in IT delivery. Many business units have mentioned lack of communication as a major factor for the shortfall of IT delivery, they felt left in isolation on numerous occasions and then presented with a problem or solution that has contributed to the failure of the whole objective.

For success in any IT delivery, communication flow should be constant between the IT delivery project manager and business units. In conclusion, for IT delivery to improve you have to carefully address all the four elements listed above. Considering that IT teams focus on the technological solution and sometimes become complacent about executing the agreed deliverables, a tangible agreement document assists in managing the expected deliverables in an effective manner. This saves the two parties significant time and effort in clarifying the expectations and in determining the success of the IT delivery.

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